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Water Treatment Solutions

The Nimbus Group of Companies is a one stop shop offering water treatment equipment, installation and service. The companies provide solutions to the residential, corporate, commercial and industrial marketplaces. The Group provides customized solutions for Canada, the United States and abroad.

The Group delivers quality, serviceability and productivity all at a fair price. Whether its 10 gallons per day or 500,000 gallons per day, we have a solution for you. You can count on a friendly and knowledgeable voice at the other end of the phone which makes doing business a pleasure. With dedicated sales teams, customer service staff and an in-house technical department we are ready to help you with all your water treatment needs.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality water treatment system at the best possible price.

With over 30 years in the water treatment industry we understand water. The quality of water varies greatly from source to source as do the treatment solutions. Municipal water, lake water and well water all have varying quality and quantity that must be considered when purchasing a system. Proper water testing and sizing is critical to the proper supply of water treatment systems. To ensure a complete solution we offer: water testing, consulting, equipment sales and ongoing service.

Nimbus Water Systems Inc.

Nimbus Water Systems Inc. serves the residential, commercial and industrial marketplace. Nimbus is the foundation of the Nimbus Group of Companies. For over 30 years Nimbus has been providing the highest quality systems at the best price, backed by superior service. Nimbus is a leader in the water treatment industry and serves the Canadian, American, and International marketplace.

Our passion for clean water means that our technicians and associates are thoroughly trained in product specifications, water facts and how to help you find the best possible solution for your water quality issues. We install and maintain the products we sell, so our goal is to provide high quality equipment at the best possible price. You will taste the difference.

With over 80% of our business based on referrals, service and long term relationships are our focus. This can only be achieved through dedicated in house sales, installation and service. By offering more selection than any of our competitors and meeting the demands of all industries we are able to truly distinguish ourselves. We stay current with legislation in jurisdictions across North America and internationally so that we can provide accurate and timely advice to our clients.

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InStore Water Solutions Inc.

InStore Water Solutions Inc. offers coast to coast water treatment solutions to the food service industry. Since its inception InStore has provided equipment and maintenance for supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and food chains, including departmental equipment for ovens, proofers, combo ovens, coffee brewers and espresso machines.

As a complete solution provider we offer a full line of water dispensing equipment to complement our food services line. This allows us to deliver a complete solution to supermarkets and other fine food establishments looking to offer water dispensing as an option or alternate to bottled water. Unlike others in the water dispensing business we don't offer one product to fit all or one program to fit all. We are the only company to offer a full spectrum of programs including purchase, rent, lease, finance or profit share on a national level. In addition, we offer many products including the ability to customize and design a program specific to your individual needs.

Water stores looking for a complete solution provider, need look no further. Our U-fill water dispensing line complements our back room production systems, that are all backed by our installation and service. We also offer window dispensers for 24 hour water vending to complement water stores and car washes that have a need for after hours sales without the overhead of staff.

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Go Bottleless Inc.

Go Bottleless Inc. markets an array of Bottleless® products and challenges consumers to eliminate their use of single-serve plastic water bottles and to end the wasteful cycle of bottled water delivery. Go Bottleless Inc. focuses on providing Bottleless® branded water coolers as an alternate to conventional bottled water coolers. The business model is predicated on the company offering Bottleless® water coolers for home and offices at a fixed monthly cost with no upfront costs, no term commitment, just an all inclusive monthly fee.

Bottleless® solutions include: residential water filters, office water coolers and single-serve refilling stations. The solutions are plumbed directly into the existing water source therefore there is no delivery, heavy lifting, storage, or plastic waste. The solutions are ideal for government, industry, business and individuals not content with municipal water and looking to incorporate a green technology while at the same time eliminating the expense and waste of bottled water.

Our commitment has made us an industry leader with superior products, unparalleled customer service and flexible financing options. Go Bottleless® with one of our water coolers, fountains or refilling stations. In addition we offer refillable containers that can be private labeled as an encouragement to your team to stop using one way bottles. This initiative allows you to be environmentally responsible while cutting out the costs and hassles of bottled water.

Visit for further information. was created to encourage people to stop the use of one way bottled water containers. With an encouragement for people to "get off the bottle", this social site will further the movement of various corporations and agencies that are looking to "ban the bottle". The promotion of refillable containers in conjunction with water filtration, will help people realize the true cost of convenience as it relates to the use of one way PET bottles.

Single-serve, plastic water bottles produced by the bottled water industry and discarded by consumers are a major contributor to waste and an enormous added expense to our waste management systems. Discarded plastic bottles have become a large problem in the world and continue to contribute to litter and landfill waste. The problem has even spilled into the Earth's oceans and is negatively affecting wildlife.

The site serves as a catalyst for videos, information, new releases, agencies and provides numerous links for further information. The site highlights the many issues surrounding bottled water including: health concerns, oil dependency, privatization, bulk water exports and questionable water quality.

The site also highlights the work of many associations and organizations promoting alternates or restrictions on bottled water use. Polaris Institute, Council of Canadians, Corporate Accountability International, Environmental Working Group, Food and Water Watch, Story of Bottled Water and more.

"We believe change will come one bottle and one person at a time."

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Blu Water Treatment Inc.

Blu Water Treatment Inc. operates retail locations showcasing the Kinetico residential product line. Our walk in showrooms include a full arrangement of solutions for your home and large selection of filtration faucets to match your decor.

With a focus on residential water treatment solutions for your home, condominium or cottage, Blu® offers the most efficient and innovative water treatment solutions for your home. Kinetico water softeners are powered by the kinetic energy of moving water - not electricity. So they're more efficient and less costly to run. The twin tank design means uninterrupted soft water 24hrs a day. The Kinetico K5 reverse osmosis drinking water systems are revolutionary and achieve incredibly high levels of filtration for drinking water that is microbiologically pure.

If you are interested in the best possible residential equipment backed with the best certification in the industry then we have a solution for you.

Visit for further information. is the newest member of the Nimbus Group of Companies. Offering a complete line of water treatment equipment including filters and replacement parts online. This business was established to meet the growing online demand for replacement filters and parts for consumers looking to service their own equipment. This site is set to launch in June 2011.

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